life as a residency

It’s not that I really had a plan, but I had an idea.

The whole cliche of “nothing’s turning out the way I planned” or “trying to make the best of a situation” could be fitting if I let myself say those things.

The truth is though, I’m trying to look at this old place as a way of having a residency, along with the real world. Sometimes, those two things cannot co-exist and I wouldn’t say that I’ve found a way to be successful, yet.

But isn’t the whole “working-artist” just a way of making your entire world one constant residency? I suppose the main difference is time. In time, things seem to remain the same – same routine, same food, same people. And without new things to discover, is it even possible to uncover new creative ground?

That’s the challenge.

Finding the new (or new to me) in this dusty ol’ place. Falling into the same things, just creates the same path that I’ve walked many times before and clearly, it’s not working cause I’m right back where I began.


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