Oh Snap

What is it about having a digital camera that also prints mini photos that changes my thought process about photographs? I find myself wanting to use it to captures images I would not with my cell phone – something more, profound. But not something on the caliber level of professional full frame digital camera.

Polaroid SNAP

So what’s the balance between photos that don’t matter (iPhone) and photos meant for framing (DSLR)?

Polaroid SNAP

Perhaps it’s just my mindset? But it seems as though the images I capture with this camera have a different level than any I’ve experienced in a while.

Polaroid SNAP

Various filters to “enhance” your images, no “real time” view finder – it’s almost a way of letting go of professional images and get back to having fun with a camera. And perhaps that’s all it should be. I shouldn’t try to make this be anything more than just enjoying photography again. Back to the basics.

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