My most recent acts in an attempt to get my shit together, includes creating multiple “to do” lists.

Current list includes:
• To do
• To do (this week)
• To do (eventually)
• Art items to pack
• Places I must be
• Random Notes
• Write things down
• Prints to frame
(note this, too, is a list)

Yes, I mark things off of all of these lists, but still, I don’t feel anywhere near ready for the journey I’m about to embark upon. How do you prepare for this other than reading and lists? This isn’t just a trip. This isn’t just a residency. It’s something more.

Or perhaps I just so desperately need it to be something more.

Lowering my expectations has never been a strong point,of mine. So, how do I keep this from being another letdown and make sure this is actually the something. Or even something more than just a something. whatever that is.

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