Standing in awe of the structures surrounding us in the Old Town Square, looking upward.


I raised my camera to capture the beauty, but the angle in the photo offered only daunting feelings.

With every turn, around every corner, another beautiful building, another disheartening aspect.

As I moved among this space, I attempted to do the same with these feelings. But the narrow vantage point itself was quickly becoming the obstacle.


The concept of ‘looking up’ typically embodies a positive point of view. But the constant stated of ‘forced optimism’ required by my current scenery and architecture did nothing but discourage.

With every move, my journey was coming to an end. And with this, the realization that another, distant life was waiting for my return.


Looking up to a height that is insurmountable.
Looking up to an overpowering element.

A feeling of defeat began to set in, haunted by the prospect of the unwanted, overwhelming life to come.


As I felt my steady footing begin to give way, a faint detail was revealed.

In my defeat, I had failed to truly see each ‘obstacle.’ The beauty of the elaborate, rich decor was blinded by my selfish concerns.

Ornate elements and statues adorned the edges of each structure, creating silhouette after silhouette of a beauty that could only be captured through art — Art interpreted by a unique vantage point.


This was mine.

I needed to just enjoy the view.











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