Week 8 (very late)

Riding on the bus south to Reykjavik, away from the residency and my life for the last two months. The road conditions to the main city are a little questionable for my liking but the bus driver is completely unphased as we barrel down the road towards my next life. 

I want to say something profound about who I’ve become in the last two months, or how iceland has completely changed me or how excited I am to go be a ‘real’ artist now. But I can’t say those things, not yet at least. 

I think it’s going to take some time for the changes brought by my time in Iceland to manifest. 

It’s even feels forceful to be writing a conclusion-like post. 

Guess I haven’t reached the conclusion yet. And who knows when that will be? 

Perhaps it is the uncertainty that accompanies my ‘return’ that is preoccupying my thoughts. Others would probably be excited to return ‘home’ after such a long journey. But going ‘home’ isn’t the same when there is little to return to and the state of the country is not ideal. Nonetheless, I must be mindful. Mindful of this opportunity. Mindful of my next ‘life.’

Be still. Present. 

Látið kyrrðina líða um líkamann.

(Please note, all photos in this post are iPhone images and do not reflect the quality I prefer.)

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