Week 5/6 – Absence

Moving/floating through the water in a swift but meandering kind of way, pieces of a glacier glide their way into the sea.


Soon, the sea meets the lagoon. Ocean waves work to push chunks of glacier back as the glacier pieces attempt to stand their ground.  The combining of forces, the coming together of endless powers. The sound of crackling & waves crashing echo as nature struggles to fight itself.


I have come to this point in my personal space as well.

I am fighting myself in my creation of art.
I am fighting myself to accept this new world.
I am fighting myself on decisions.
I am fighting myself on my next move in life.
I am fighting myself on right or wrong.
I am fighting myself.


It is something more than just an internal struggle. This fight has manifested a state of absence. I seem to have been too consumed by the external to pay attention to the internal, until now.

Now the fight has been brought to the surface.
Now the fight has become a sort of absence.
Now the absence seems to have become a sort of state of being.



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