Week 4 – Tonal Value


It is apparent in the work I have been creating since my arrival at this residency, that I am completely spellbound by the array of colors that fill this terrestrial land.

A colleague recently brought to question my use of color. Not in a criticizing manner, but more curious of my thoughts on black and white photography.


I answered quickly with my thoughts of it being an ‘amateur tool.’ His counter thought, however, was that black and white offered a chance for the imagination to create a whole other landscape.


Granted, it has been a while since this conversation, but I am curious. Does black and white actually offer a unique, personalized interpretation of our surroundings?

I’ve had this sense that my photos are not quite capturing ‘it.’ I’m not necessarily certain what ‘it’ is, but I began to think that perhaps I have been approaching capturing Iceland in all it’s glory totally incorrectly.





Even with all of the color that is available in this place, a constant state of gray, slate, stone is ever-looming. Overall the color of Iceland does seem to carry various tones – tones to which I very much need to pay more attention.



Perhaps these photos are not the best examples or perhaps I am just back-tracking in my photographic abilities, but they could be more of an attempt to embrace ‘new’ old tools in order to seek further discovery.

But there is some value to be found in something as simple as returning to a tonal perspective.




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