Week 1 – I am not an artist

No one tells you how intimidating it is to be at your first residency ever and it being an international one, how everyone else there will be, like, “official” artists.

Everyone has their projects ready, are working hard, covering the walls and collecting items and then there’s me. Just sitting, staring at an empty space, not knowing where to begin.

It’s like starting over again.


Perhaps a fresh start is what is required in place that is full of inspiration. but for me, the fresh start just seems too overwhelming.

‘I’ve worked this hard, just to start again?’

‘…OK, well let’s dive in then,’ I think to myself.


Wait, there’s photos that need capturing, there’s a concept that needs to be found, you must figure out the printer first. So many things that I am allowing to get in my way. The pressure to create is what keeps me from pushing them aside. But without being able to push these things aside, how can I create?

It’s all a cycle.


But no matter what, it is clear that Iceland (especially, my little spot in the Skagi Peninsula) is a magical place. It is widely known that many people in Iceland believe in “elves” or “gnomes” that live in the land. Walking along the seacliffs, it is clear that there is a strong presence of nature, and our unity to the land is quite significant.

I am unbelievably happy to have my time here; To let this space influence me.




2 thoughts on “Week 1 – I am not an artist

  1. Remember making your first quilt? You started with the fabrics, gorgeous batiks from Bali. Lots of purple if I remember correctly! You auditioned those fabrics and chose what caught your eye ( your artist’s eye!) You chose a pattern and began (started over!) to cut and piece. Quickly, you had a new piece of art, a quilt top! Next was quilting it on a professional quilting machine ( what a beast it is!) but you conquered it. You completed a beautiful quilt, and created memories for yourself and your mentor. I am so proud of you. You are truly an artist …… lo

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