2 weeks notice

I had to put in my 2 weeks notice at my “day job” this week. Which makes Iceland all the more real. An exciting adventure for someone who is long overdue for something. AND it means this blog will (hopefully) get much more exciting.

I couldn’t help but be reminded of the phrase “Don’t quit your day job” – which is commonly said whenever people are not good at the thing that is the reason for them quitting.

The very next day, I attended a Ben Folds concert  where he sang many favorites, but one  particular verse seemed to stick with me:

“Fred gets his paints out and goes to the basement
Projecting some slides onto a plain white
Canvas and traces it, fills in the spaces
He turns off the slides, and it doesn’t look right…”

I left the corporate world for the art world. I left the art world for the working-class world. And now I’m leaving the working-class world for the art world again. At what point do I stop circling and realize where I belong? None of it “looks right.” Still.

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