One Tiny Red Dot

My first sale of my sculpture work was made yesterday at Aqua Art Fair Miami. Someone saw my work and actually loved it enough to take it home. They want to look at it forever.

My first reaction was to text people in which one person replied “Congrats, you’re a real artist now.” [paraphrased]

“Is that all is takes?” I responded.

“I think so?” They said.

But then I started thinking.

After that piece sold, many more inquiries were made. It’s almost like other people began to see the value once someone else did. The desire was upped by one tiny red dot.

But is a desire for your work enough to make you a real artist? I always thought of being an artist like a state of mind. And, well, I’ve never felt that.

I don’t consider myself an artist. not a photographer. not a writer. not a craftsmen. I don’t feel like I’m any of those things. I guess I’m just a person who wants to make things?

So at what point is it “official”? At what point do you get to introduce yourself as an artist? Is it now?

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